Jobs In Social Investment Bank Limited (SIBL)

SIBLThe formal corporate sector, this Bank would, among others, offer the most up-to date banking services through opening of various types of deposit and investment accounts, financing trade, providing letters of guarantee, opening letters of credit, collection of bills effecting domestic and international transfer, leasing of equipment and consumer durables, hire purchase and installment sale for capital goods, investment in low-cost housing and management of real estates, participatory investment in various industrial, agricultural , transport, educational and health projects and so on.

In the Non-formal non-corporate sector, it would, among others, involve in cash Waqf Certificate and development and management of WAQF and MOSQUE properties, and Trust funds.

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  1. I am Md.Joynul Abedin,still now working in
    Brac Bank(Incorporated In Afghanistan),I need halal job
    Possible to help me.Thanks.